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Sr. Graphic Designer

Hey there! I’m Dee, a multi-talented designer who specializes in digital design and visual storytelling. With my extensive experience working in agencies, in-house, and independently, I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients. I’m passionate about conceptualizing and creating designs that hit the mark when it comes to campaign objectives, and I always make sure my clients are happy by communicating with them effectively and keeping the project running smoothly. Currently, I’m on the Digital Velocity’s Strategic Go-To-Market GrowthOps team at CDW.

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My Services Include

Print Design • WordPress Design and Development • Visual Design • Motion Design * Branding and Visual Identity • Advertising Design • Banner Ad Design • Social Media Design and Management • UI Design • Illustration • Infographic & Icon Design • Graphic Production • Presentation Design



Communication is key to any successful project, and I take it seriously. I’m a great listener, and I’m committed to understanding your ideas and helping you achieve your goals. I believe in finding cost-effective solutions that deliver maximum impact, and I’m always happy to make suggestions that can help you achieve your vision. You can count on me to be highly responsive and meet deadlines, so you can focus on what you do best.


When it comes to solving design problems, there’s never just one right answer. That’s why I take the time to understand my clients’ business and their audience, so that I can create solutions that really resonate. I start by doing thorough research and brainstorming different ideas, then I put in the work to refine and rework until I find the perfect fit for my clients’ needs.



Integrity is at the heart of everything I do, and it’s a value that I hold dear. That’s why I’ve developed a firm code of ethics that guides me in all of my client relationships. I always strive to be honest, respectful, and trustworthy, because I know that these qualities are essential for building long-lasting partnerships.

What my clients say…

“Dee has offered thoughtful, fast, and wonderful service on my company website. I had started building it on my own, and never got around to finishing it. What took me months to complete, Dee executed in one week and made it look better than I ever could. I will ask for her services again, and I look forward to recommending her to others.”

Stefani Hedin Lawin, Vash Productions, LLC

“Dee is professional, always, cooperative, willing to go the extra mile, and lovely to work with. If you are looking for a skilled graphic designer who has an artistic sensibility and who charges reasonable rates, please contact her. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Linda Gibbs, Editor, The Beachcomber Newsletter

“There were two things about working with you that I want to emphasize that worked particularly well for me: 1) You met your time commitments and 2) you did what I asked. You are very talented. I really appreciate all of your extra effort.”

Julia Taylor, Owner, Taylor Success Systems

“Thanks, Dee, for your excellent and timely work.”

Jessica Murray, Astrologer, Author